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Vijay plays Sura, who is a temperamental man who had a secret wish to become a superhero and, with the help of his friend Arunachalam (Venkat Prabhu), uses his newfound powers to become a superhero, "Aquaman" (a play on Superman). Rajkumar, the director of the film and Vijay's father, had suggested the superhero theme to Vijay; it is based on the short story by B. J. Simon. The cast also includes Anandaraj, Gautami, Laila Mehdin, and Poonam Kaur. The film was produced by K. S. Ravikumar of Sreeganga Studios and G. M. Kumar of Core-Gems and distributed by Kamal Haasan's production company, Haasan Digital Pictures. It was released on 28 May 2010, and received positive reviews from critics for Vijay's performance, as well as for the script and the music, which were compared to that of Rajkumar's earlier films. Plot Sura (Vijay) is a successful corporate lawyer who dreams of being a super hero called Aquaman. His wife, Geetha (Gautami), does not want him to be an actor and is against the idea of a superhero movie. Sura's insecurities and his fears that his past will harm him gets him involved in a love triangle and Sura soon develops an inferiority complex. His friend Arunachalam (Venkat Prabhu) helps him become a superhero. Arunachalam reveals that a superhero is chosen by a mystical presence in a temple. Once chosen, the chosen hero must serve the Goddess by doing good and protecting the country. Sura and Arunachalam make sure that they fulfil the terms of the contract and receive the strength of a super hero. Arunachalam helps Sura in his first fight with his evil boss, Veerabahu (Madhan Bob), who wants to take over Sura's law firm and make him his puppet. Sura then agrees to go in search of the mystical presence in the temple. When he is being attacked by the evil mafia, Arunachalam arrives with the help of his friends and Sura defeats his evil brother. Geetha is impressed with Sura's performance as a superhero and Arunachalam's friendship with him and feels happy about him. Cast Vijay as Sura aka "Aquaman



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Sura Tamil Full Movie Free Download darnbet

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